Happy 147th Canada! Highland Style!

Canada Day 2014 – The Annual Embro Highland Games!!  Exciting and impressive!  More story to come later perhaps… but here are some highlights from the day.

The ever changing sky!

As far back as I can remember, the night sky has called my attention.  Many nights I’ve stared up watching the ever constant and predictable waltz of stars and planets as they move through the sky.  Now and then, a random element would appear. Perhaps a piece of dust from […]

With a Passion for the Rails… on a smaller scale!

Each year, a wide variety of venues open their doors during the Doors Open / Culture Days weekend event here in London.  There’s really something for everyone from historical sites offering tours and ‘Living History’ presentations, aviation displays, art, theatre, music and so much more.  It’s certainly worthwhile to explore […]

In Honour of a Truly Great Life. 1

I believe that the measure of a good life is the number of people whose lives you’ve touched in a positive way.  And this week I had the pleasure of being a part of a celebration in memory of a person who has had a truly GREAT life by that […]

Phantoms, light trails, spinning lights and turning night into day!

Continuing on the theme from my last post, the exploration of interesting and fun ways to capture light at night using long exposures and a wide angle lens, I stopped into Forest City Surplus this evening and picked up a couple variations of LED lights, some rope, appropriate hardware to […]