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I believe that the measure of a good life is the number of people whose lives you’ve touched in a positive way.  And this week I had the pleasure of being a part of a celebration in memory of a person who has had a truly GREAT life by that very measure!

About a year ago I met a woman who has become very special to me and an important part of my life.  Along the way, I’ve met her kids, her parents, some of her friends and even her dog.  Sadly, I only met her mother once before she lost her battle with cancer, yet felt the incredible energy of a woman who has touched many lives during her time here.

When I was invited to attend a special event in honour of her mother I was thrilled and deeply touched to be a part of the event with her family, and to capture some pictures to record the event.  Her beloved husband, Fred, participated in the event this year as the defending champion, having won the event last year.  On arriving and meeting some of the people involved, I became very quickly aware of the fact that she was indeed a woman  that had a wide reach in her positive influence.  Every person that spoke to me spoke graciously and sincerely about how much they felt her absence.  Her dedication to the sport, her Scottish wit, her smile and her charm were only some of the things that I heard about, but the one common thread was that she is and will for a long time be missed in the lives of the very diverse group of people in attendance.

With thanks to the organizers of the Moira Leitch Memorial Lawn Bowling Trophy event held at the Fairmont Lawn Bowling Club (London, Ontario) I present the following gallery of images that I hope will help to forever keep in mind, in a positive light, the night in her honour and the woman that she was.  In her Daughter and Granddaughter her spirit will continue, and the entire family, along with a vast number of people that knew her, will keep her memory alive for years to come.  And to you, Moira Colquhoun Leitch, I raise my glass in honour of a truly Great life, measured in the best way possible – a simple count of the number of people that you made feel blessed just in your being a part of their lives.

“To live in hearts we leave behind, is not to die.”

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One thought on “In Honour of a Truly Great Life.

  • Catherine Patrick

    Norm, what a lovely memorial to Moira. It was a pleasure to meet you Monday night.


    Moira best friend of 40 years,

    Cathy Patrick

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