With a Passion for the Rails… on a smaller scale!

Each year, a wide variety of venues open their doors during the Doors Open / Culture Days weekend event here in London.  There’s really something for everyone from historical sites offering tours and ‘Living History’ presentations, aviation displays, art, theatre, music and so much more.  It’s certainly worthwhile to explore as many of the locations as you can, and learn a little each year about the history and culture of London, while also discovering some interesting groups that you may be completely unaware of.  Such was the case for me this year…

Tucked away on a small side street just west of Wharncliffe Road South, there is a building that is home to the London Model Railroad Group Inc.  Inside this building is the result of 43 years of work by members of the club.  Containing over 60,000 individually hand crafted rail ties, holding about 5,000 feet of track in place with  250,000 hand placed and driven miniature rail spikes, this impressive collection of tracks, trains, scenery and cities is a small scale version of hundreds of miles of fictitious rail line, and is still evolving today.

The LMRG hold open houses each month from October to May on the first Tuesday, and membership in the club is quite reasonably priced if you’re interested in working on the project or learning more about model railroading.

Check out the LMRG website for full details and be sure to drop in for a visit during one of their open houses.  You can enjoy a small taste of the layout through the images below, but it really does require a personal visit to get the full scope of the massive project, and to experience the passion that is evident in every club member that speaks to you about the club.