Nature: from large to small. 1

All around us…  above us in the sky… below us on the ground… around us in the trees and plants… there is a living world that we just don’t see.  We’re rushing from one activity to the next, or closing ourselves into our offices and homes and while we’re living in the world of man, we miss so much of what goes on in the rest of the world and above it in the skies.

Nature… from the natural forces that hold a massive ball of old rock above us in the sky to the minute creatures that we seldom see.  It’s all around us and has drawn my lens to explore this world and share it with you.  Using a combination of very long lenses to reach into the sky, and special equipment to allow me to see the very small up close, it is my goal to share this amazing world with you in full colour – and perhaps a little black and white – in its most intimate details, and to inspire you to take a closer look yourself at the wonders of this overlooked realm of beauty.

As an introduction to this, I offer the following little collection of images.  These are all available in print, matted prints or framed and ready to hang.  Just send me an email with an indication of the size and format you’d like, and I’ll reply with a price, payment information and order form.  I’ll soon have direct ordering online for added convenience.

Of course, you’re also welcome to just browse here and see these beautiful images from time to time, subscribe to my newsletter which will be sent to you weekly when there are new images to share or subscribe to my RSS feed for the latest posts as they are published.  No matter how you enjoy them, I do hope you’ll keep coming back.

With respect for the wonders of the natural world…  from large to small… the first of what promises to be a growing list of fine art explorations.

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