A Hidden Jewel in the Heart of the City…

It’s nearly impossible to imagine what one can find while walking along the seemingly endless paths that can be found throughout the City of London.  The trails are designed for walkers, cyclists and more to move safely through the city, while enjoying some of the rather unique settings that can be found along the Thames river.  I’ve wandered several of these, but found the best part of the trail system remarkably close to home!

A short walk south from Hamilton Road along Adelaide Street will take you to the Thames river.  On the north side of the river, heading east, is a section of the trail system that hides some truly beautiful scenery, and hides the fact that it’s in the heart of London very well.  Offering an easy walk from Adelaide all the way to Highbury and beyond, this stretch holds some wonderful additional features as well.  Just after passing under Egerton, this path features a disc-golf course!  Several baseball diamonds are accessible just off the trails, and other nicely groomed park areas along the river path offer nice quiet places to watch the geese, fireflies and certainly other wildlife, or just sit on one of the benches to read a book.

City noise is virtually eliminated by the thick growth along the path, and the trees are well established and offer large shaded areas to just relax.  It really is a jewel…  and could easily make you forget that you’re sitting in the middle of the city.

Here are a few sights from my walk last evening.  A great walk – about 6km round trip – with a dear friend.  I hope that you’ll find this little gem and share a few walks through the area soon.