Drops and Drips…

Can make for some interesting and rewarding experimentations in macro photography and lighting!  There are several challenges to overcome, none of which are particularly easy ones:

  1.  What kind of fluid to drop?
  2. What kind of fluid to drop into?
  3. Where to place the light(s)?
  4. Where to place the camera?
  5. How to drop the fluid?
  6. How to time the exposures?
  7. more…

I won’t answer these in this article, but I am planning to set up a little tutorial video that covers all of this, and will be doing some experiments with different fluids and sharing the results.  Over the next week or so, expect to see more posts of drops complete with videos, images and written explanations.  If you’re interested in learning more, simply subscribe to my feeds or newsletter or a combination of them!  Then, as soon as I post the latest article, you’ll be notified.  The newsletter mails each week on Monday, but the rest will let you know minutes after I post something new.

For now…  here’s the first round of drops that I shot tonight as I attempted to duplicate the tests that I did about two years ago.  The target is plain water in a blue bowl, and I’m dropping Red Wine from a syringe.  Don’t worry…  I only used about 3 ml (less than a teaspoon) of wine for these tests!

Enjoy!  Better yet… setup your own system and play along!