Memories are treasures…

More than portraits of people looking at the camera, we aim to capture you in special moments.  Natural smiles, happy memories that you can look at and see more than an image, but a moment in time that you can think back on each time you view the beautiful print hanging on your wall.

I will not be offering digital-only packages for portrait services.  All packages will include premium prints (available in a wide range of sizes and finishes), albums or other tangible products.  Digital images do not offer the keepsake quality that professional portraits deserve.  Packages may include digital negatives of selected prints on request.

For more information please call or send an email with the specifics of your needs, and we’ll see what we can do to find the right package for you.

Portraits for your life…

  • On Location sittings
  • Wide variety of print options offered
  • Digital Proofing online
  • Easy, comfortable and natural – not stiff and posed
  • Customized packages for each session