Capturing Moving Subjects in the Dark without Flash?…

OK, I’ll admit that the title is a little deceptive here.  But still true!  We all know that you need light to capture a moving subject in the dark with a still camera (and really with video it helps a lot too), unless that subject happens to BE a light. […]

There’s nothing like classic power and form…

I love classics…  and Tillsonburg offered up a field full of them this past weekend.  “Wings and Wheels” is a regular event hosted by the Canadian Harvard Aircraft Association to raise awareness and funding for the continued ability to acquire, restore and fly these beautiful classic warbirds.  When you hear a […]

Making Drop Tank Photos

I’ve been showing you some interesting images of very close-up coloured drops for a while now, and I’ve been promising to tell you more about how I’m making them.   Well…  the time has come for a basic tutorial (sans video – sorry) on how I’m making this happen.  It’s […]

Sometimes you have to MAKE a subject…

As a Photographer, you can take pictures of just about anything.  You can walk around and take pictures of things you see.  You can capture people doing what they do.  You can collect millions of images now that digital makes it so easy to just shoot everything, from every angle, […]

WordPress – Security and Safety

The online world has become a hostile place, not only for people but for websites and online resources.  Blogs such as mine, and yours if you have one, are subject to constant attempts from all over the world to access the system and steal information, or just to disable a […]