Drops and Drips…

Can make for some interesting and rewarding experimentations in macro photography and lighting!  There are several challenges to overcome, none of which are particularly easy ones:  What kind of fluid to drop? What kind of fluid to drop into? Where to place the light(s)? Where to place the camera? How […]

A Hidden Jewel in the Heart of the City…

It’s nearly impossible to imagine what one can find while walking along the seemingly endless paths that can be found throughout the City of London.  The trails are designed for walkers, cyclists and more to move safely through the city, while enjoying some of the rather unique settings that can […]

Nature: from large to small. 1

All around us…  above us in the sky… below us on the ground… around us in the trees and plants… there is a living world that we just don’t see.  We’re rushing from one activity to the next, or closing ourselves into our offices and homes and while we’re living […]

The final day of Air Show fun at GLIAS!

There’s a long list of people that make an Air Show possible…  most of whom are volunteers in support of the show.  Hundreds of people are on the ground throughout the entire show (as well as before and after) to ensure that the experience is pleasant, safe and secure.  In […]

GLIAS Opens to the Public!

The Great Lakes International Air Show opened today with a great day of flying for all to enjoy! Tomorrow (June 30th) is the second and last chance to see this great show for yourself, so be sure to get out there! Special Thanks go to all of the Volunteers, other […]